My Day Today

Today was not a horrible day exactly…if any not at all a horrible day. The only thing that seemed a little out of line today was the weather. It has been beautiful in Wisconsin for the past few days and today I saw the sky spitting snow…(didn’t stick…YEAH).

My plans yesterday with my high school buddy have been changed for tomorrow afternoon instead of yesterday because she had something more important come up and she needed to babysit…that was okay even though in my mind I was slightly disappointed because I was looking forward to seeing my friend. At least we are going to get together tomorrow instead…unless something comes up for either one of us again. LOL Hopefully not.

Today…I went to the hospital with a friend of mine who was going to have a test done. We had breakfast out. My friend had to have a bone scan today…pray that it went well and nothing bad will be found. After her appointment I went to the Urgent Care here in our city to have my hip and elbow (Right) looekd at…and it is not broken…just badly bruised from a fall I took two weeks ago on February 20th. It is smarting today…LOL With the cold weather, I am not surprised. i am going to be fine though.

This is my day today…

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