Chapter Two: A Quick Look at Today

Today is just an ordinary day for me. Now the celebration (in heart and mind) of my kidney transplant is over and my days can get back to normal now. All is well today. As I looked at the comments of my thoughts yesterday, I read a very nice comment and my heart goes out to a family who is facing a life change as well but regarding a liver transplant not a kidney transplant. During me visit in the hospital…which I had many of them in my junior year in high school, I encountered many patients with new livers or awaiting liver transplant. In fact, the day of my kidney transplant, which was to be March 10, 1988, I was bumped by a liver transplant, and my kidney transplant took place on March 12th instead…on a Saturday morning. After my transplant, my mom and I met the woman who had the liver transplant on my March 10th, and she was a nice looking woman. After all these years, I actually forgot her name, though. I do remember a fairly tall woman always wearing a purpley robe, she had dark hair which was long, and she was a smoker. A smoker?? and she had a liver transplant. I frowned on the smoking bit but because no one can change anyone but themselves, I kept my comments and worries to myself. Why bother about her smoking? I couldn’t.

Now the celebration is over and my days are back to normal. Nothing special today. Just memories of my transplant and illness before transplant coming and going, and it is a long story in itself believe me. I look at today another day of life God has given me. Who could ask for more? I couldn’t!! No way.

Look forward to Chapter Three tomorrow.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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