A Day Away

Yesterday I was planning on getting on line to write in my journal here but time just escaped me and when I had an opportunity to do so, I was just too bummed to bother writing in my journal at all. I am doing fine emotionally…just was busy yesterday on the 19th. Today is yet a busy day but not like yesterday at all really. Yesterday I was gone for six hours or more. When I got home, boy – was I was ever glad to be home. My computer was not really busy yesterday at all. Hardly had a chance to get on line or even on my computer to write period! Today I have limited time until later this early evening.

I don’t know when I will get back to writing those chapters of my illness and transplant because I am in a very busy week. Maybe Thursday I will get back to the chapters but I am not even sure that day will be it yet. I had to, silly me, put my virtual dog in the kennel for two weeks because I am not even sure if I would be able ot get to her for a while, and if I leave her unattended…she will jump out the window and run away or die. Can’t do that.,..can I? Nope.

Even this late morning – 11:06 a.m., I have decided to drop everything on the television and reading to be on line for a while before taking care of myself like getting out of my pajamas and getting dressed…even a bath might be in order. The only thing I will not drop is the attention to my cat Emilee. Can’t drop her attention I tell you…she gets a little pushy now and then and I don’t want her mad at me. LOL She gets aggressive when she gets mad and I have cat claw marks to prove it on my hand. She is a very different cat.

Yesterday, March 19th, I was gone with my second surrogate Mom named Karen from late morning til 5 p.m.. Had fun walking around shopping and dining out. After her daughter Darlene got off of work, we picked her up to go shopping for clothes. That was fun, fast, and easy to do. LOL Being with Darlene and Karen is a lot of fun when we have the opportunity. Darlene is a great person. When I got home from out, I visited my first surroagate Mom and dropped off her “love gift” I found at a Crafter’s Mall. Then I went to see my Nana Lea (surrogate grandma) and dropped off her “love gift” as well. I finally got home at 6 p.m. and made a couple of calls to friends who called me while I was gone. I had a busy day all day long.

Get this. I had fun shopping and walking about yesterday, but I am not much for shopping. Can anyone understand that? Never was even as a teenager. I wasn’t much for going out even to the mall in our city here to go to the movies unless it was with family or a very close dear friend. Never understood why that was the case, but now at age 30, I can understand why it happened that way. I was always quiet and reserved and kept to myself all the time. I felt better being alone. Today, I do both…still prefer to be alone more than doing things with friends unless the friend is a close friend or a family member. Never understood that. Oh well…not going to find an answer to the situation if one does not come up in a short time. I have to let it ride and play its way through. Maybe I am in the stage of finding things out and figuring things out. I will have to see where things go from here from now on and play it slowly…not too fast or I will be in a state of confusion – if I am already not confused! LOL Gotta run now. Have a good day and I am glad that I wrote my feelings down today. hmmm? Bye…til tomorrow or whenever.

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