Kind of Upset Here

I got a call from my friend Kathy because she can not make it to bowling today. She sprained one of her ankles yesterday (or over the weekend). I do feel bad that she sprained her ankle, but the attitude she had was a little out of the ordinary (something I can not handle very well). She wants one of her cake pans that happen to be at my house, that she brought over, and now she wants it before tomorrow so she can make a cake. She does not even have a 9″13″ cake pan! Now she is going to call a friend of hers to come get it tonight, and I am not too happy about it. I am very careful about who comes and goes from my place and I don’t want the wrong people hanging around here. Oh, I don’t think Kathy would send someone over here that would later bother me day after day after first visit, but I am not sure of her friend having friends of hers following her about and bothering me. Do you see my point? Knowing that I go in circles sometimes, I probably confused someone here. LOL I hope I didn’t! So I am a little upset right now and had to write about my thoughts and feelings even though I am usually very careful. You have to very careful now a days…that’s for sure! —-1:26 p

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