A New World

It has been a new world since I had the cataract removed from the right eye and now my world seems brighter, sharper, and clearer. I am amazed and happy to see the things I could not see well before. My whole world is different now and so much clearer.

I am not worried about my eyesight at this time as being able to see is very exciting and worth it. I have to count my blessings today – that’s for sure!

Even though my eyesight has been renewed and restored, I do have to admit that I am a little moody today and have been for a couple of days now. Wanting to cry my eyes out and get it over with but I have nothing to make me cry right now – even the saddest movie is doing its trick…LOL Oh well, I am in no rush to cry but that is soon to come I hope.

Author: ksmiley

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