A Crash, Bang, Bang, Boom!!

I thought that yesterday was going to be a better day for me but in the afternoon, I ended up having a crash, bang, boom with my emotions. I suffer from Generalized Anxiety Disorder and sometimes I just have a bad day now and then. Yesterday afternoon my boyfriend was supposed to come over here but he never showed up and I got pretty upset over that…how silly it sounds, but it is so true. I ended up crying and leaving him a message of my hurt that he never showed up and never called to let me know what was going on…and he had plans to be here too but things got a little more busy than he thought with one of his friends. My boyfriend and I did talk about the reason why I was upset and he did understand, but he never saw my this upset before in our relationship. Blame it on PMS I guess and I just had a bad day with my emotions because if PMS. LOL

Today at this hour of 5 a.m., I am still feeling the after affects and the emotion but I am not mad at my boyfriend anymore. Now my boyfriend is not the type of man who would stand me up and not give me the time of day like a couple of my boyfriends did in the past, and this boyfriend will not leave me because of some emotional upsets that come and go now and then. He is a very understanding gentleman more than my other boyfriends could or wanted to understand. Let’s face it, my relationship is still very much intact with my boyfriend…whew!!! I wasn’t worried that it wasn’t, just relieved that it is. Wouldn’t you be thrilled to know that, too.

I do, at least, feel better than I did yesterday afternoon…just the after affects of the upset is in me. I am not able to sleep because I have something else good on my mind and as a writer sometimes I have to take the time and less sleep time to write all my thoughts and words down whether it is personal or for the public. After yesterday evening of reading Acts of the Apostles book I found three things – notes – to write about and I have always put a deadline on my writings. For you wanna be writers out there, I think you know what I mean to some point in life. I am a “wanna be” writer myself.

Well, I do have a big day ahead of me now and that I need to get go now. Have a great day gang. Bye for now. I will be back soon but not today. See ya all later…

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