One Hectic Summer!!!

I did not intentially plan on being absent as long as I have this summer. I have been gone, in and out, doing other things than writing. As a matter of fact, I have not been writing for a long time actually. I have somewhat lost touch with writing altogether except for writing e-mails to friends and family. It has not been unusually quiet around here. Just last week, spending the rest of my August rehydrating myself from being slightly dehydrated. How I found out was from my blood counts for my kidney, which I get done each month called creatine was up .2 of a point higher than normal. This weekend I am doing just fine. Drinking lots and lots of water and visiting the bathroom anywhere/everywhere I go more often. LOL I am so glad that September has come. Maybe it can get a little cooler now – but NOT cold, please…LOL

I feel like I have been a total stranger by not writing in my journal here on a daily basis. I wonder what my September will be like. I do know that I have to go grocery shopping Sunday sometime.

Other than I being a total stranger here at Dear Diary, I hope all is well.

Author: ksmiley

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