A Quick Thought – My Condolences

Yes, the incidents in NY, Washington State, and PA was tragic and a very painful experience for people. My condolences to those who have lost loved ones in the tragedy as well as those who are missing and yet waiting to be heard from. My family and relatives don’t live where the tragedies happened but I do have a brother who lives over 200 miles from the incident in PA. I did not lose any loved ones so I can be glad in that, but my heart is saddened for those who have lost their loved ones in the tragedy that occurred on September 11. I can not express any deeper sympathy other than what I have already expressed through words. I don’t want to sound cruel or unfeeling to anyone or people I do know. I don’t want to come across to people a certain waay and be the opposite, either. I do have a heart and I do have feelings for other people (knowing or not knowing), and I love many people in my life. Without some of the people in my life, I wouldn’t be the kind person I am today I believe. I have come across to some people selfish, self-centered, and downright just unfeeling. Oh please don’t think I am being unfeeling today or any day.

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