Thoughts on Tuesday, September 11, 2001

I will never forget what happened on September 11, 2001. Never! I was in shock for two days regarding the tragedy and it is still hard to believe in some parts. Cruelty has definitely played a part in this nation’s tragedy and I do know that there is more to come as I do a lot of reading of hatred and unruliness. It has not been week yet, but it is pretty close to it and the tragic events are still being aired on television here in my home – everyone’s home – and it is hard to believe that it has come to something so horrible. There is so much hatred from other people in other countries and America stands for freedom today. Those terrorists don’t want freedom and they also don’t care for innocent lives as well as the not innocent. It is cruel out there beyond my apartment door if I don’t step carefully. I am still grateful for many things in life – many…

Although this national tragedy has affected me emotionally and somoewhat physically lately, I have been standing as strong as I can as I hear the most recent news of the happenings and findings of the incidents in NYC and Washington. I keep asking myself why do people want to wreck someone’s lives by destroying their loved ones and it is such a horrible question and thought. It is a world of uncertainty now and I find that we are living in the last days now. My wish is to have peace in the world but that one wish is so far-fetched and crazy now. There is going to be no peace left at the end of the world – the second coming of our Lord.

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