Have you ever had a headache that just seems to go on forever and ever but really does go away? I am having a nagging headache right now but it is not a migraine headache like I used to get years ago. The headache seems to be going away now since I have taken Tylenol for it but is still throbbing somewhat and I can feel it and it is like a nagging feeling almost. I don’t like them when I get them because they seem to slow me down and my apetite seems to be down almost to nothingness.

The memories of my grandma are still coming in at full force, but I have to give up on writing about those memories until tomorrow October 4th. I just feel kind of low today and things need to calm down for me regarding this headache I have right now that is still throbbing somewhat. I don’t mean to be a party pooper right now but it’s just a day of rest needed right now. I will be back tomorrow on Oct 4

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