My Nightly Thoughts for 11/11/01

All the comments today have made me smile today! Those who I commented about earlier today I would like to say that you deserved the comments because you all write so well. As far as Alaina, oops, I’ve noticed that you had a notify list after I wrote the comment to you. LOL Sometimes it pays to really pay attention to things around you, in front of you, and listen to, believe me. For those who I made their day, you are more than welcome because I do enjoy reading your journals. I am glad to know all of you by DD and I am glad I have the opportunity to write you personally via e-mail as well. Today of all days, my day has been very good. Night is upon me now and time for bed is not too far away. Monday morning does not roll by too slowly around here with my schedule and plans to be around close to home. The building I live in has a cold/flu virus going around, which I had over a week ago, and everyone is getting ill here. Plans to be with family for the holidays is probably a good idea if planned outside the home here, huh? That flu bug that is going around is horrible, believe me. I got pretty sick and did not have any energy for a few days. All i could do was sleep and lay around. Just this past week I got over a sinus infection of a mild case. Because of my body being so proone to this or that due to a low immunity from a kidney transplant, I can not be too careful now – a days.

I plan to try being here tomorrow, Monday – which is not too far away for me now. I hope all my on line friends at DD have a good week all week long.

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