Those Annoying E-mails!

Other than the mail that I get from family and friends I do know, most of the time I get e-mails from people I don’t know. Those people I don’t know send me e-mails with pictures I don’t care to open. I am not a sex fanatic and some people who have such pages on line is people I would like to stay away from. Even though I ignore and delete such e-mails, I keep getting such horrible e-mails. I don’t even bother opening the e-mails because “they” contain information that does not appeal to me and my tates are very very clean. Sometimes I have a dry sense of humor more than a sense of humor to laugh at or with me. Some days i take things very personal and other days I will feel like I am about to explode with emotion that sometimes scary. I just wish that these people I don’t know would just leave me alone at times because I am interested in what they have to offer! I am not sexually active and plan not to be ever even in marriage due to the risk of my health. If my health was not at risk, I would never put my life in danger of any kind. As for my DD friends and internet buddies I don’t mind at all getting e-mails from them.

Well, I had a trying day today week all this week – regarding a death of a friend and having some personal problems of my own, I am definitely tired and ready to drop to sleep siting here at my keyboard. I think a nap is in order now so I am going to go for the day. i will be back tomorrow – Sunday. Good night folks.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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  1. Melange says:

    Rest well in peace and hopefully tomorrow and the coming days will be better for you. I pray that they will.

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