Whaen will i ever learn that when I get the least bit dehydrated, I itch, my kidney creatine goes up slightly or sometimes very significantly! You see, I got dehydrated again! I went to get my labs drawn for the month of March, because I am a kidney transplant recipient of fourteen years now and, and my counts were in the normal range but my creatine seemed to me too high but in my range 1.1 – 1.4 before my kidney specialist in Madison gets concerned. i over reacted again – the panic button was triggered. Good ol’ Satan, he is so good for that! I talked to my kidney coordinator this morning and she told me that my range, before the doctor gets concerned is 1.1 – 1.4 and that i did not need to have my labs redrawn for March unless I feel comfortable doing so. I had the symptoms of dehydration!!! I hate that and I am still plugging away with those fluids and before long, I will be floating away…LOL No way wil this kid float away – but she surely will be visiting the bathroom a lot during the day and night until she is hydrated enough. Good ol’ Spring Break! I won’t have to miss any classes this coming week! YEAH!

Are there any kidney or liver transplant recipients out there in DD?

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  1. Would drinking more water help? I would gladly donate my kidney to you but along with an emotional illness, I also have a psysical illness that I am sure I would not be an acceptable candidate.

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