Some days I don’t have a title to write about and that is where the question marks come in now and then. What can I write about is sometimes a question in my own had. Sometimes I just mumble until something comes into mind or focus. That is how my day goes sometimes. LOL You see, I don’t have school this week because of Spring Break, and it felt strange to sleep in on a Monday moprning when I am usually up and getting ready by 7 a.m. I actually missed my Murder, She Wrote program that I enjoy watching when i hve a chance. Thank goodess it is on again at 3 p.m. Oh boy, my day is a little boring and I don’t deny it whatsoever. My life, some days, can be boring if school is off or not in progress due to time. I don’t have school this week and it is going to be a fairly boring week. My weekend was full of activity and fun compared to my first day of Spring Break. My frien and I had a great time. We watched movies, ate pizza, got together with my friend M (my man friend), went shopping, and then M and I took J home where we visited for a while with J’s parents and they got to meet M who is now J’s friend, too. Is M and J boyfriend/girlfriend? Well… I know that M asked J out, which is COOL! Am I jealous? NOPE. I am happy for both of them. We’ll have to wait and see what happens in the future. I know that J is happy.

What in the world am I watching on television on TV here? It is onoe strange movie called “Election” I’ve seen bits and pieces of it before but it does not make any sense to me even the second time. Maybe it is not my kind of movie. Time is defiintely passing by very slowly and not fast enough! What do I need to do to pass time quickly? I don’t know today, LOL

What a boring day!

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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