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Some of you were concerned about me and my right hip. I have good news…my hip is not cracked, fractured, broken, but I do have a pulled muscle and it is affcting my hip because it is in the vacinity of the hip area. The pulled muscle is the bad news but the light of it all is the fact the pulled muscle will heal and everything will be back to normal in near future. I am going to have some discomfort for a short while but that comes with the territoy of a pulled muscle. With the fact of having cerebral palsy on the right hand side of my body since birth, I will have to “wince” tolerate the achy feeling I have on occasion because with cerebral palsy you have what I call CP jerks (spasms of the body – spastic jerking. That is ONE thing about having a pulled muscle on that/the right side. With a pulled muscle, honestly, I deal with more CP jerks and jolts that make me jump whjen it comes to any pulled muscle. I am glad that my hip is not cracked or broken, or fractured. I am, by far fortunate, at risk of having a fracture or broken bone because of a medicine I take for my transplanted kidney of fourteen years. Most medications help on thing but the hinder or make something else worse in time and Prednisone is one of them.

Well, with my pulled muscle, I am going to do my best in everything I do by taking it slow at times and still get to church this weekend. I am sitting here, hoping that this hip update finds peace to those who are concerned. Right now I am, while being on the internet, watching my cat Emilee play like a kitten and watching over me like a hawk because she knows that “Mommy” is a litle slower than usual at this time. I will be fine in the long run. There is ALWAYS a brighter light at the end of the tunnel after a dark spell.

Time is escaping me once again and it is time for me to sign off here at DD. I will be back sometime this weekend before I go back to school/clases this Monday. YEAH</B< Spring Break is now over for me and I won't be so bored after this weekend is over. Boredom has fled this girl's mind and us now set free from its prison that plaqued boredom ALL week long just about.

Now that the weekend is here, I am going to have to get back to my regular schedule, which will definitely take its time to get back on as far as studying, school, classes, and the adequate amout of sleep required for the most part of a functional day. It is 10:03 p.m. here on a Friday night in Wisconsin – a cold one at that, too – when bed time should be taking oiver right now. Since bed time is a need now, I am going to stop rambling here for the night right here. Good night and see all of you over the weekend at DD. Bye for now…ramble, ramble, ramble.

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