My Easter Sunday

Before I begin writing in my journal entry for the night, I would like to say that for a very long time now I have celebrated the Easter holidays with friends since my family have left the state to live in another state. I have been relying on friends and my church family to celebrate the holidays throughout the year as each holiday comes and passes on to another year. I am not saying that I had a terrible or not a nice Easter Sunday. I did have a very good Easter Sunday with my ex-roommate and family at my ex-roommate’s place. If I did not go over to her house, I would have had a boring, sleepy, and a sad day all day long at my own home siting alone watching television, playing or working on the computer here, reading, napping, and lazy day. I am glad, after my day has ended, that I got out of my apartment for the afternoon to early evening as sitting in an apartment with the same four ways you see every morning, noon, and night, can be quite a bore at times. It can be depressing!

I have, even though Easter baskets, Easter Egg hunts, bunnies, and colored eggs, have been only a memory, been considering Easter Sunday just another day except for the fact that Christ has risen from his tomb on the third day, after sundown on the seventh-day of the week. I no longer see the bunnies, baskest, and candy important anymore. I have a reminder, during Easter, and everyday, that Jesus Christ rose from the dead because he died for me on that Cross on that hill that very night for all my sins. The baskets, bunnies, colored aggs, and egg hunts are all memories embedded in my memory for as long as I am to remember them. Christ is the real reason for Easter, isn’t He?

My day was fine. As soon as I got done writing in my journal this morning the snow had stopped and was already beginning to melt, and by the time I had left to go to my friend’s place for Easter dinner, the snow was completely gone and the sun was out and the weather had warmed up a bit on this fine Sunday. LOL My friend G and I exchanged a little something between us this Easter evening. I had gotten a little basket with plastic eggs filled with jelly beans and other candies like jelly beans = what are they? Recieving this gift, I had the memories flood through my mind on the colored egg hunts and finding my Easter basket on Sunday morning. I even got a a little card with a bunny in it…on the card. I had given him a little container filled with unpopped popcorn for a healthy snack while he watches his basketball games or whatever he watches on television.

Well, it is time for me to go to bed. Emilee is telling me to get off my computer now by demanding attention and meowing impatiently, lol. I have school in the morning anyway. Good night.

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  1. kaycee says:

    SNOW??? **sniffs** We never get snow here **pouts**

    You mentioned in your comment that you have relatives in AR. What part? Don’t know if you realized, but that’s where I’M from! E-mail me if you want, or leave it in my diary. Small world, huh?


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