It is April 1st and it is snowing outdoors right now and it has been snowing since my morning class at 11 a.m.. I wish it would stop! I am sick and tired of snow even though we have had a very mild winter this year. I know that I was not planning on writing in my journal again today after this morning’s entry before classses started, but plans did change slightly and I now waiting patiently for my friend to come pick me up to take me home for the day so I can get home. Now, with the weather “all of a sudden” changing slightly, I am not sure if M will come over and help me move my furniture in my living room when I get home from school and able to call him. I really don’t know how bad the roads are because I personally don’t drive and if the roads are the least bit drivable, I will NOT allow Mark to drive from Milton to my place in Janesville. He already has to drive from work which is in Broadhead. Boy did the weather fool us here in Wisconsin. The weather has definitely played an April Fool’s prank on us Wisconsin natives. Oh well. I was told, by a student in my class Business Law, that she did a prank on her son this morning saying that it was going to snow eight to ten inches today and on the back of the note she wrote, April Fool’s! When we left class this morning, she was commenting on the joke to her son and it was actually snowing on us outdoors. That is difinately an YIKES, LOL Oh well, we did have a very mild winter this year and maybe the weather is kind of off its normal system. Maybe the change in weather plans is an illness to the weather outdoors since it is kind of screwed up out there. Who knows. Well, let me put it this way – the weather, that snow on the ground and still falling from the sky, may not be one of my favorite things in life, the snow falling from the sky is beautiful – just like yesterday when it was snowing in the morning before I left to go to my friend’s house for Easter dinner and family get together. What a day, huh? I guess so. It is livable and manageable. The only thing is the fact that I am wearing a sweater coat and NOT A WINTER COAT! LOL I hope it is NOT that cold outdoors when I leave school for home and in I stay for the rest of the evening. Good bye for now.

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