My “Nana”

I have a dear friend who I call Nana. She lives in the same building I do and we get along famously. Well, I got a call this morning at 6 a.m., and it was my Nana calling me regarding her “baby” brother. My froend “Nana” had gone to her brother and sister-in-laws house yesterday afternoon when she had learned that her brother was dying. Nana’s brother passed away yesterday at 8 minutes to 6 last night. II did not know what to think except the fact that I could make it a better day for my friend as much as possible. We had gotten together for the afternoon as she felt that she could not drive alone today/ We went to an appointment together and they she took me out to eat, and then wa went grocery shopping quickly. Then, she is now home probably – hopefully – on bed now. She was so tired.

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