Tuesday, 4/2/02

Yesterday was not the best day really. It was very cold outdoors and the weather was playing tricks on us who live in Wisocnsin. I guess that is what happens we have such a mild winter…snow flurries in the beginning of April, cold and wet, rainy days. I do know that that one saying, April showers brings May flowers. I just hope that April gets warmer soon! It was cold outdoors a while ago and I don’t dare go anywhere without my winter jacket/coat. Another reason my Tuesday was not the best Tuesday was because a dear friend had called at 6 a.m. to let me know her brother had died of pnuemonia. Upon receiving that call, my heart just sunk deep into my heart, and I really felt bad for my friend. Today, Wednesday, I still feel real bad about her brother’s death. I guess, the good thing about my friend’s brothers death is the fact he is in no more pain and is suffering none now. My friend’s brother, the youngest, had Parkinson’s Disease, Cancer, and Alzhiemer’s Disease on top of all that was going on in his life. The pnuemonia more or less was a complication to one of the already existing ailiments my friend’s brother was having.

I felt very sad for my friend yesterday. I did not want to go school and study so I stayed home close to my friend when she needed me even though she wanted me to go to school and do my studying. I felt, because it was only a study day yesterday, I would be home for my friend who needed a friend to be with her when she went places or stayed home. I did not want to break my promise to my friend after all the times I told her I would be there for her when her brother fell seriously ill and died because of his existing ailiments.

That pretty much raps up my Tuesday morning, afternoon, and evening. I had set aside everything in my life to be there for my friend, and I feel that was all I could do for my friend other than pray for the entire family. My heart, today, Wednesday, is still hurting for the loss.


Today I am sitting here thinking how wonderful it was, a few months ago, to have spent the afternoon with my friend and her brother while she watched him. He was a joy to watch as he sat at the kitchen table after lunch and looked like he was driving a car or flying a jet plane. Also, during dinner, he had poured his pop/drink onto his plate over his food and ate it. He made me smile and chuckle as I watched him. He was not being laughed at, but what he was doing was cute – child-like.

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