My Day Today

Today has been fairly quiet and peaceful. The weather looks a little iffy out there right now. We did not get a storm yet as we were expecting since last night. It looks like it is possible to have a storm later tonight or tomorrow yet. Here we go again with the weather and the mood swings. I am feeling those anxiety moments trying to come on again and I have had enough of those moments in life. I talked to my counselor over the phone about seeing the pysciatrist where I go to counseling and next week I am going to make an appointment as soon as possible. I will be seeing my counselor on Tuesday, April 23rd for sure – NO MORE CANCELLING…I have been firmly scolded by my counselor this past Tuesday, 🙂

I had my friend Catie for a while this afternoon – I bought dinner – another pizza. YUM. I am going to be gone tonight for a while and again tomorrow all day long. We have something special going on in our church this weekend and I am going to take part in it by going. We have church tomorrow morning and an afternoon program. My friend G is also going along with me and my ride. I have a fairly busy weekend coming and disappearing kind of fast. I am working on my computer again this afternoon just to make up for lost time coming tonight and tomorrow./

My day is yet not over and it won’t be over for a while but it is over as far as writing in my journal goes for today. I have to run and get ready to leave for tonight’s meeting with our church and all the other churches in the Wisconsin conference that are to come to this meeting and this weekend gathering. I have to run for now. Bye…

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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  1. sezrah says:

    hope and pray you had a good time away, church retreats are always rewarding


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