Entry #3

Let me take a few momrnts before I leave to catch the bus for home to tell you how my day went. It went fairly well. It did not go 100% my way because Mondays always give me an excuse…NOT! LOL I got to school a little before 9 a.m. this morning and headed right to the college library to do an assignment for Economics then I went to the SNL to do some homework and print out my assignment that was due on Wednesday, and work on the 2nd part of the assignment due this coming Wednesday. At 11 a.m. I went to my Business Law class where heard a presentation and then the instructor let us leave to have a work day on our next assignment. I went to the SNL again and worked, with a tutor beside me, on the last two questions of the assignment and then typed and printed the work on the computer, then I had time to check for any incoming e-mails then left for my Economics class at 1 p.m.. That is where I now can see, along with all those words before this, I came back to the SNL to get on the computer to write my entries by number instead of title. Today is Monday and i can somewhat feel it!!! I can not wait to leave in fifteen minutes to get the bus and get home. I have a cat waiting patiently for my arrival home and I have plans to relax for a while and then get to some studying of today’s classes and get some notes typed out.

I have noticed, at this time, that I am beginning to feel the pressure of the end of school and the upcoming events in May – TESTS! I don’t know what to think except for the fact that I am not going to miss any classes if I can physcically help it and get ALL of my homework done to finalize my grades. The pressure is not, thankfully, too great and unbearable yet but I do feel the pressure beginning and that is kind of scary as well as expected. At least i am caught up on my homework assignments in my two major classes. That is all that is important to me. As for my other two classes, non – credit, I am not too worried about having an incomplete as the two classes are Study Skills and Math refresher courses that do not go towards my accounting degree.

Well, I will have to resign for now and come back later tonight if I have the chance and opportunity to get on my computer at home. I have to, soon, head out to the bus shelter and wait for the bus. I will be soon going home, YEAH! I will not be coming to school this week on Tuesday or Thursday for personal reasons – the need of homework is getting done and definitely caught up. Anyway, I have been neglecting my responsibilties as a bowler for the past month because of school and tomorrow is FUN NIGHT for our bowling league, the Rolling Thunders and next week Tuesday I have an appointment to see my counselor and the Bowling Banquet to tie off the bowling for the year and we have the summer off. I have to go now, but I will write later if I have the chance…RAMBLE RAMBLE, LOL

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