What a Day!

My day is not even half over yet and I am already saying, “What a day!” Yes, I am already saying that. I am waiting to go to an appointment this afternoon and then come back home. My day is almost half over. It had started at 6:15 a.m. this morning…and my day is not yet over and it has some hours left. I can not wait until my appointment this afternoon – actually two appointmemnts in the same place set apart from each other only by a half an hour. It has been one of those days – getting ready for my day, seeing my friend G before he ran some errands for a friend of ours, and then eating breakfast and lunch, and best of all trying not to lazy around until the time for me to go to my appointments. I do feel somewhat lazy today but not too lazy by far. Definitely the cold weather is better today than it was yesterday which was a wintry cold and almost unbearable. I almost froze waiting for the bus. LOL I had a spring like jacket, not a winter jacket that was needed. Oh well, that is life I guess…we do choose what we do most of the time and that may include some unwise choices in life…right? Well today is definitely a better day for me. It may not be sunny out and it may be a little cool, but at least I am here and happy to play such a day – boring or not boring. It is nice to have the day to myself and company not here on a constant basis. I already have a busy week again this week and the fact is, I have some homework to do for tomorrow’s class Business Law. The students in class, including myself, have to do a summary on a particular part of a chapter and discuss it in class. Yeah, another wonderful project. Talking to a group of people is not one of my favorite choices but when it needs to be done it is done. Right now, kids at the day care center across the street are outdoors playing in the play yard behind the center and someone, I am not sure if it is the maintance man of our building, mowing the lawn dowon below me three stories. The noise is somewhat loud and kids voices are ringing happily above the noise. What a joy it is to hear such noises even though this day is not sunny and it is a cool spring day today.

I am sitting here with the time now going on 11 a.m. – fourty-five minutes ago I had gotten on line and began surfing the net. My little Bonzi Buddy – the purple gorilla is listening quietly to music on his coconut radio…a coconut radio! That is pretty nutty and so cute…adorable. The television is on in back of me as I am listening to the Unexplained program that is talking about personalities in different variety of people. I am just about ready to leave and get some homework done before I leave for my appointments which will be about an hour and a half away from now. My ride, a special transit system, will be picking me up and taking me and bringing me back home. i will be back later today — after I get ALL my homework for tomorrow done which I plan to take with me today and working on while I am waiting for my appointments to begin. Gotta run for now. Sorry this entry is so long and pr0bably boring…LOL Bye for now.

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