My Memorial Day Out

Earlier in my first entry I had mentioned that I was going away for the afternoon in so many words. My mom could not go to the potluck picnic that was being held at church member’s home because of her back and that she had other plans to be elsewhere – more or less staying home. I had gotten a ride from another church member to the potluck picnic and I realized that I had a great time. But let me tell you about it before leaving for the night.


We had arrived to the house where the potluck was being held and quite a few people had already arrived and been there for a while already. The food was just about to be served and everyone was to eat the good food that people had brought t0 the potluck. As I was walking to the crowd of people, I had noticed that one of the church members was loading powder into a small cannon to fire off. I thought oh no, my ears won’t take the boom that was going to come out of the cannon and I will need to hide somewhere far away from the noisy little cannon. But for a while, due to the wind, the cannon could not be lit and fired. It was during the time I had sat down at a picnic table to eat my plate of food, when the cannon was fired and I had jumped a bit because of the noise but I did not run and hide. I just talked to the people around me and ate my dinner. The noise of the cannon was not so bad but it was LOUD! Then the cannon, a few minutes later, was fired again and I jumped again and continued eating my food on my plate talking to the people around me. I was having a GREAT time but then again the place I was at I always have a good time there at this friend’s house.

My Memorial Day plans outside my home happened kind of at the last minute because I did not know who would be willing to pick me up and take me to the potluck picnic at this church members home. With my mom not well enough to go, I was pretty positive that I was going to be spending the entire Memorial Day at home in my paj/amas taking a nap here and there and watching movies and reading until my eyes were to close for sleep. But I got a ride to the potluck picnic and I had a GREAT time and I was glad to be a part of the party away froom home.

As I was talking to others at the potluck I kept thinking of the people who died for us on September 11th, 2001. I wanted so badly to take a few minutes of my time while sitting at the table eating to write my thoughts for the day – more thoughts other than the first entry I had written earlier today – what I was feeling at the moment but there was time to do so because I was always talking to someone or eating. Many people had shown up this afternoon to the potluck picnic. It turned out to be a beautiful day for the outdoors picnic. I did think, at first, that we were going to have some rain, which would have cancelled the outdoors to indoors but it turned out to a beautiful afternoon all day long. It was a comfortable warm outdoors and the sky was clear and no sign of stormy darkness or signs of rain.

I have to run now.

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