A History Lesson

I have been thinking of independence in different forms these few weeks because i was in a class called Business Law at the nearby college called Blackhawk Technical College at BTC and I have been into wanting to find out some history about our world, our country, our United States. We are fighting a war right now in other countries because of the Attack on America that happened on 9-11-01, almost a year ago now, and the class Business Law intrigued me quite a bit to the point that I have a tendacy to reread what I have learned in the class now and then even after the class is over and done for good. I am still waiting on my grades on my classes!

I thought, to touch up today’s entry about my thoughts and feelings of 9-11-01, I would add these links for a brief history lesson for those who are interested in getting a little knowledge of the Declaration of Independence and so on.

A Look at History

Declaration of Independence written in 1776.
A picture of the Declaration of Independence

Drafting Documents

I will write more later….

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  1. Avalonelf says:


    We all thank the firefighters and police who rescued and those who were killed in the accident. Those who were in the building, the innocent will NEVER be forgotten. That day will always be rememered in history as the hardest attack on America yet. We will remember.


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