I Do Have to admit

I have taken aback with the Attack on America on 9-11-01. I also have to admit that I have been keeping up with the news of the war going on. But please, not thinking that I don’t care – I do care – I am getting kind of sick and tired about the war and the killings, and the suicide bombings. I know that the world is getting bad and it is not going to get better very fast or not at all but all I have been hearing is the progress and plans of making peace in the world. Doesn’t anyone know that peace will not be found in everyone? It is not going to happen. This evil, hatred, and happenings going on all the time. We are Americans here looking at our freedoms getting taken away slowly because of what has happened and before long we will not have any freedoms left. We have to believe what is in our hearts no matter how bad it gets even though I am getting sick and tired of hearing about this and that regarding the 9-11 Attack on America. My brain is getting overloaded with political things that now I am becoming very political wanting freedom and now I want to fight for the rights in many things that are related to the disabled and handicapped people because I am handicapped myself. I have never taken a great liking in the news and news programs until now! Something has changed in my life because what has changed around me has affected me. I do have to admit that a lot of feelings are just a one person’s opinion – my opinion only.

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