9/11 Issues

Honestly, the 9/11 terror has not ended completely. It is still going on full force because of the war that is going on in other countries. We have Americans who are over there fighting a very big fight. Everyday – morning, noon, and night, I have been hearing of the progress of the war on the news or in the paper. I do have to admit that reading the paper is one source I get from other friends who read the paper. I don’t get the paper myself. Ever since I have taken the class Economics this past semester at BTC, I have been in tune with the news and the political realm of life and before the class I was not interested one bit and the news was NEVER watched but today the news is watched and listened to very carefully.

The other night I had been working on the computer, being on the internet, I was listening to the 10 p.m. news and I had listened to an security breach happening in our own city. Someone had broken in the water resevoir and cut the lock off andthe rumor of the water being tampered with the anthrax had frighened quite a few people here because we were not sure if the tampered water was our drinking water. The water was tested and the test was negative so there was nothing and again the drinking water was not tampered with.

As I sit here, a day later after hearing about this horrible deed, I wondered why someone would even think of something so horrible just to get in the news or in the paper or both. Some people, who are terrors are terrorists at heart i guess but that is my one opinion and not 100% the truth exactly. The person who did this act really got the attention he/she expected and now he is considered a terrorist!!

When I had the news the other night and the water was tampered with, I thought the worst. The worst was I had been drinking the water – quite a bit of it actually – and now I might be sick because of someone’s horrible deed. There are just some horrible people out there considered evil.

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