Glad the day is over

I am glad the day is over. I am tired. My mouth had another workout today. A lot of gagging happened on my part – that being a part of the reflex I have because I have cerebral palsy. The stitches in my mouth are not noticeable but it is kind of hard to yawn. The ache is there then but oh well…I will survive. Another day tomorrow.

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  1. *~Kristie~*

    Gotta love going to the dentist. In fact I hav to go to the dentist July 23rd to get my wisdom teeth pulled out. Ya, that’s gonna suck for a few weeks… I am also going to get invisiline after my wisdom teeth are pulled so I can straighten them out.

    Anyway, the weather here is hot and dry. 95 degrees today, yuck… the Haymen fire has broke out again and 47% contained. I explained it under mondays entry, but anyway…

    Um…forgot what I was gonna say, OH RIGHT!! Okay… your welcome for posting a comment : ) my pleasure reading your diary…: )

    Hope all goes well fo a tuesday!! Good luck on those stitches!


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