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Today was a fairly good day. I went to my doctor’s appointment this morning and the appointment only lasted ten minutes. I ended up having to wait for my ride, after the appointment, for over an hour and during that hour, my ride had come and I did not know it. What happened was, the company who picks me up, had a van break down on them in the morning and I had to wait for the ride for a great length of time. Honestly, if I did not have a good book, I would have been bored to death sitting there staring at the walls after looking at the magazines. Another thing that happened today was my ride came and I did not know it. Why can’t the drivers be made liable to make sure that their ride is okay or is not waiting for them outside to come in and get them if time lapses over an hour before the ride is picked up. I don’t quite understand that but i do understand some company policies. I finally got home some time before 2 p.m. and I had waited patiently for an hour while they were kind of unable to keep up with their customers/rides.

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  1. *~Kristie~*

    Man, that sucks you had to wait such a long time. I though maybe you drove, but I didnt kow that a van came and picked you up. Thats realy cool!!


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