“The Rookies”

One of my “old” shows called the “Rookies” will be airing in less than an hour now and I am just waiting for time to pass. The show has my favorite actress Kate Jackson in it and I have never really seen the show when it was even on television. I was very little and the only shows I watched was Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers at the time the Rookies was on. Kate Jackson has been one of my favorites sincce I watched Charlie’s Angels back in the late 70’s. So at 1 p.m. here, I will be leaving the internet behind for an hour or so to watch the Rookies. Right now, to pass up some time, I am listening to one of my other favorite “old” programs called Columbo. Now, that is a great program. Peter Falk is a good actor in my eyes. Did you know that he has a fake eye? I did not know his until one night I was watching Biography on A&E. The way he carries himself makes the fake eye not noticeable…at least I think so anyway. Gotta run!

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