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For three months now I have noticed a change in my right hand on how it works, especially when I type and grip for anything that needs to gripped. Not too long ago, day has already been forgotten, I went to a doctor regarding the change and learned the CP does not get worse but things do change was we get older. It has been two weeks now, though, that I do know. I have wearing ring splints for my fingers that want to swan neck or boutinere and I have noticed a difference almost immediately…two days really. I had gone to get fitted for ring splints today and talked to the therapist that has been taking care of me since our last appointment. Darcie is such a sweet person! She has helped answer some questions since my appointments and that is good service if you ask me. I had talked to her about noticing the changes since I have been wearing the ring splints and she told me that there has been some improvement from wearing the splints that I am now wearing. I also did ask Darcie at this appointment if there was a splint that could have the rest if my “naughty” finger on my right hand and right now I am experimenting with a little ring splint on the first digit of my “naughty” finger. Thankfully there has been improvement and some noticable difference for the good side of this dratted cerebral palsy.

My appointment was at 1:30 p.m. and it lasted about an hour as Darcie had planned and it went very well. I am now glad to be home, though, because it is a little bit warm out there but luckily not hot and a heat wave going on today. But according to the weatherman tonight, another heat wave is to hitus tomorrow and possible rain storm hitting us. Those weathermen!! LOL I HATE RAINSTORMS WHEN LIGHTNING AND THUNDER PLAY A MAJOR ROLE!

Right now I am listening to the local news. A lot of people have been dealing with the heat in a not so good way. With the temp close to 100 degrees, I don’t think anything or anyone could survive the heat. I wouldn’t and more or less couldn;t myself!

I have been thinking all day long about making the month of August a little different as far as writing my entries but I am still debating on what to do. I do plan, however, to write on a regular basis – a daily basis if possible. I don’t want to change the look as the person who help create my Dear Diary pages in such a special and unique way, did a fine job but someday I plan to change the look of my page physically as well but what can I do is a big question mark yet. I love the way this page is created and I do not want to see it go really but I do know we need a change now and then. Everything about change is questionable right now. What else can I really say right now about change? I am changing everyday. I do not like change too much but if change has to come then I have no choice as far as change goes.

My day has been going very well. Glad to be home from my appointment where it is cooler and Emilee now has her “Mom” home for the rest of the week. No more appointments this week except for Friday at 11 a.m. with my counselor. With this heat, I don’t dare go out unless I really have to and the appointment I did have for tomorrow was cancelled because it is not a necessity really. It can wait until August as far as I am concerned. I am glad to be indoors from the world outdoors. Now I can go and do what I want to do. I did do my dishes and clean that pile of papers off my my living room floor and Emilee is napping in her pet carrier. I call it her “house”. Anytime the door is open she sleeps in it almost all the time, and when the door is closed, with her in it, she is being disiplined for doing something naughty and if there is a bad storm, her house is called a “safe” because she feels secure and safe closed in. We always use her house as a safe when we have the fire or tornado alarm goes off. She is pretty much a good cat now-a-days anyway because of her age and experience.

Well, time for me to go for the night. It is not late but the weather looks a litte bit iffy for tonight. I have nothing else to do tonight except watch television, read, write, and sleep. I have no reason now to get up so early in the morning in order to go anywhere. I hope everyone has a good night. Good night and good bye for now.

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  1. *~Kristie~*

    Storm huh? Was pouring rain here, it was just awful!! Its getting VERY humid today though, its like sticky out there. Getting hot too…and its nearly 4pm here in Maine.

    Could you watch the Weather Channel for me and get the rest of this weeks forecast for me? LoL, I’m just kidding!!! LMAO!!!

    Anyway hope ALL goes well!


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