So What is My Day Going to Be Like? 1

What a day! I am feeling real lazy today. Emilee, my lazy kitty today, has been acting lazy all morning long so far. The only time she has meowed was to say good morning and tell me it is time to be fed, time to eat breakfast. I had gotten up a little bit before 8 a.m. this morning and decided to take my medication and then lay back down for another hour while I waited for my two hour Murder, She Wrote programming to come on. I have watched the first hour and realized that it has been a long time since I saw the episode and then the second show has my favorite actor Mike Connors from his program back when I was younger. In the program that Mike Connors starred in years ago was where his character was a detective…now wait, the title of the show will come along soon in my head. I watched it all the time when it aired on the TV Land channel not too long ago. I do know that he always got shot at either in the shoulder. It is so frustrating…WHAT IS THE TITLE OF THAT PROGRAM that Mike Connors starred in years ago? HOW FRUSTRATING!! LOL.

I am glad that I am not going anywhere today. I am not planning on setting foot outside this apartment even unless I really have to. Emilee and I are going to lay low all day long and I am going to stay in my pajamas all day long as well. What a life, huh? I have to have something to look forward to daily in this case. I can not sit in my apartment typing away at my computer, surfing the internet, playing online games, watching television, reading a good book, snuggling and cuddling with my Emilee Cuddles kitty, and sleeping all day. Life like that may be luxury in someone’s eyes, but I do have to admit that it is not luxury – not luxury at all. Murder, She Wrote is still on its second program of the morning, and the character Mike Connors has died in his apartment and now JB Fletcher and sherriff of the little town that MC and JB had stopped are trying to find the killer. I have seen this program several times I NEVER remember who the killer really is. Elisabeth Ashley is even in the program playing a truck stop waitress who was married to the owner but is now dead. What a life I live! I watch so much television that I have this knowledge of who is who and what they do for a living.

Now I really wonder what my afternoon is going to be like…More later if the weather is feasible (sp?).

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