Needing to Say Something That is on My Mind Now

I have been noticing that some diarists have been not liking what other diarists have been writing. I have had no problem here so far and never plan to have any problems in the future or near future as long as I am here. Sometimes I find myself a very soft person as not caring what other people write about. When I read an entry and something strikes me to a point of having to leave I just leave and not say anything. I know that not everyone likes what I write about here as well and that is fine with me. Sometimes I do have a boring entry as well as a boring life altogether but it is my life to live. I do not too personal here very often because of the controversies that do arise or are already out there. If I do get too personal now and then, it is just giving my thought, my opinion only and I do not knock anyone in the head with my lashing words. I am a softhearted person who does not mind what people write in their entries. If I don’t like to read certain entries I just leave them alone. I do have to admit that I have run across very very good entries even though I am not always pleased with what is written. When it comes to a person’s feelings, I can probably relate or I do understand. Everyone has feelings. Everyone has lifestyles that are not pleasing to others, etc… I am on a low income lifestyle with the ability to work under eight hours a day. Not everyone likes that lifestyle either. Yes, I do feel hurt in my heart when I am ridiculed and having my lifestyle brought to my attention is very embarrassing…especially when my own father puts his cents into the pot. He is the very one man in my life who has had me put on social security income in the first place! I have also been ridiculed because of my weight. I am heavier than I ever was in the past and my dad also gets on my case about that. My mom as well. I do take my health very seriously but when you are on steroids because of a fourteen year old kidney transplant, losing weight takes more effort than the efforts I have already tried. Anyway, ridiculing someone about their weight issues, whether it is man or woman, all it does is feed their face with more food especially if food is a comfort to them. I am over 190 lbs. and I am NOT ashamed to express my weight because I know I have a weight problem. So why should other diarists’ entries be a problem to others. I do know that the creators of Dear Diary Net will take care of the problems when a need arises. I am very very happy here and I do enjoy writing here very much as a diarist myself. My life may be boring at times but that’s okay, too.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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  1. *~Kristie~*

    Your diary looks VERY cute!! LoL, I love it!!!

    I cannot say anything about people not liking what other people are saying, for this is a place where people open up and talk about their problems and life. This is what they think and what they feel and people should not object and turn away for that reason.

    Anyway, going off to read other peoples entry and write in mine!!

    *flies away and smiles*


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