Eleven Hours and Fourty-Five Minutes Later

Oh my goodness, not sleeping early last night and being up until 1 a.m. in the morning, I slept until 9:52 a.m. and missed the fist hour of Murder, She Wrote. I did not even really watch the second hour of Murder, She Wrote because I was makung important phone calls to my doctors and counselor and I still had to get dressed and ready for my day so when my friend Mark gets done with work, we were going to go grocery shopping for me and out to dinner for Friday night fish fry. I am still feeling a bit dazed, half asleep and half awake and I want to just lay down and go back to bed. Emilee has meowed at me several times after I had awakened to remind me of taking my medications because I was two hours past my usual time of taking them and also she was hungry and it was time for me to feed her, LOL Right now Matlock, another one of my favorite past time programs on television is on and I have only listened to it instead of watching it because I have gotten dressed and began my day on line after all the calls I had to make that were very important. Anyway, according to my grandfather clock, the show is ten minu8te away from finishing up. I had decided to write an entry before this one, that included my thoughts at midnight because I had written my thoughts on paper instead of on line because of a storm was going on outdoors and I am NEVER on line during a storm if I can help it. So you now, those who do take the time to read my entries, have a minute by minute play of my life at midnught last night, which does not happen much because I do not usually write my thoughts on paper much anymore. I use my computer most of the time for writing and I have been here at Dear Diary on a regular basis writing my thoughts down for the whole world to read and see whether my life is boring from day to day or not boring. Please excuse my punchy attitude at this time. I am yet a lot tired even though I have slept nine hours and my morning was practically gone now.

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