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I have a busy day today! I am going to get my hair done this morning and then this afternoon I have a date with a thirteen year old, LOL. Nah, not a date date but my friend has a thirteen year old son who I have been prmosing I would take him to a movie sometime. Well, today is the day unless…he can not make it after his orthodontal appointment at 1 p.m.. We are planning on seeing Stuart Little this afternoon if it is playing but otherwise we may not see any movie. My friend is very particular of what types of movies her three children watch and that is just fine really. If I had any children of my own right now, they would not be going to any movie with violence in it, certain swear words being used throughout the movie, nudity, and horrific. Consider me already a horrible Mother when I am not even one yet or probably will never be, LOL

As far as my hair is concerned, I am going to change the color slightly. It is going to still be blonde but a little lighter I think. I do not know what the color is yet and I don’t know how it is going to turn out until it is finished really. I will describe it later when it is done and I have a chance later today.

This week is BUSY. I have had two appointments already this week (including today’s appointment) and then I have one more tomorrow afternoon. This week is definitely busy. When can I do my laundry?! IT NEEDS TO BE DONE! LOL I think I can do it Friday morning after 8 a.m. The room will be opened then and the earlier the better before all four washers and dryers are all used up. You see, one person can do four washes and dries in one lump sum. It is a first come first serve basis and believe me I have more than two loads to do Friday! LOL

I think, at this time I am all gabbed out right now. More later when I get back from the movies with my little tall friend.

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