There is ONE thing I hate about being a woman is having my period. I am glad that I get my period each month to show that I have my period cycle regularly, though. When I have my period, I feel so dirty and unclean to the point that I take more than one bath a day in order to feel clean and I know that women who have been raped take long or several showers a day to get the dirt feeling of having a man violate their sexual life. I have not been raped since 1989. Yes,I have been date raped when I was in the last weeks of my senior year in high school, and that memory still lingers on my mind now and then.

Okay, back to the feeling of uncleanness because my period…

I feel so bloated and not at all pretty inside or out. Being overweight really does not help things matter better as well. That is why I am on a diet. With my period, I feel so emotional and out of control of my own life when it comes to my period. I know that I am not the only woman in this whole world who feels that way. At this time I do not feel very emotional right now but anything can set my emotions off out of whack at any time without any warning whatsoever. Having my period makes me feel so unclean and unfit for the outside world. I’d rather, during my period, stay indoors in my own place, and not face the world with a smile. I feel so unclean and defiled. Just knowing that my period flows heavily at times, I hate the feeling of the flowing periods at times, especially when they are heavy. Gross, huh? YES IT IS!

When it comes to my periods at times, I sometimes flow so much that my underpant get spotted with the blood and it makes me feel even worse inside because I should have changed my maxi pad sooner than I should. That is so very gross!

Even though I hate my period each month, I do have to admit that I am glad that I have them every month on a regular basis. I would never have a sex change to satisfy my “hated periods” whining. LOL

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