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I do not mean to sound like i am two sided or sounding like a person who is unfeeling, but after giving it a lot of thought yesterday, I personally think that all the programs on television televising coverage about 9/11/01 could have been calmer or better yet not done at all. I thought of it a great idea for a while but when I got home from school, my thoughts were reversed to the idea that it seemed like the tragedy from a year ago was like a celebration and I do not see what there was to celebrate about such a horrible tragedy as the World Trade Center being hit by two planes killing all of those people and a lot of people in the WTC itself. Was the coverage immature? Those people the attack did affect will never forget what happened anyway so yesterday was just a reminder of what happened last year on 9/11/02. NO one needs a reminder because everyone who remembers remembers what happened a year ago – whether it affected them greatly or not. I remember exactly what I was doing and where I was going and what my plans were that day a year ago as if it was just yesterday that the tragic did happen. Everyone has their own views and opinions about what happened and that is fine but my opinion is that the coverage of last year’s events should have been left alone. I had awakened to names on the television screen showing who died on the planes and in the WTC and THAT OPENED up my heart for those who were survivors but those who died have loved ones left behind. Tears were forming in my eyes seeing the names going on the screen of the television and I also knew that when I got to school life would be both buzzing and maybe not so buzzing because the rememberiing of the date was in everyone’s mind.

There is where you might think that I might be a two faced idiot now. Many people, including myself, wore red, white, and blue in memory of what happened. I wore my colors for the bravery of those who tried to safe the lives of those and did not make it, but I did not wear red, white, and blue because everyone else would. I know that last year’s tragedy will be in the historoy books now and it will be a recorded memory but did coverage all day long have to happen? I do not think it was necessary whatsoever. There are people who this tragedy did affect will never forget what happened and they want to go on with their lives as best as they can. Will they be willing to get on with their lives with the constant knowledge on the news, radio, a day im Rememberance? Some people were probably angry with the rehashing of the 9/11 teror on America. I know that the 9/11 attack rehashed some strong feelings in this girl’s heart that’s for sure! I did not think it was not necessary after 4 p.m. yesterday afternoon.

In order to get away from the coverage of last year’s events, I had to watch everything else but the coverage. I kept watching the Disney and Cartoon Channel, the Game Show Network and Sci-Fi Channel that was not covering the “last year’s events”. The televisions at school were on all day covering the “Attack on America” and people were talking about it. It is okay to talk about it but rehashing the horrible events with coverage all day long was a little overboard.

Now, I think I am done talking about it now. Whew… It is over now…thankfully.

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  1. *~Kristie~*

    Would have commented yesterday but my comp at home started going all wack so I couldn’t.

    I am going to keep my opinions of 9/11 and newscasters and pride and faith and that junk to myself. Mot people would get angry with what I have to say. But I’ll sum it up in one line…

    Get over it!

    Yes it was tragic

    Yes people were killed

    Yes it was sad

    Yes it was horrible


    We still need to get over it, even though it was a tragic loss. We still need to accept that it was another part of life. But ya know…

    I’m just a teenager what do I know…

    Well gottan run!


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