A Good Day

My day is just about over. Time has come to go to bed for the night and return back to school in the morning. I am SO glad that tomorrow is Wednesday and the middle of the school week. I did have a good day but I am so glad to see that going back to school for a few hours because going to school is such a welcome mat for me every day, every week, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, etc.. The weather, although I did not experience the beauty except from the sunshine in my apartment, was just beautiful. The Schwan’s truck did come about a half an hour late because we have a new driver – actually a substitute driver because our original driver was suspended because of illness and he is not coming back. I did get my items I did order anyway. After the Schwan’s truck left, I got ready for my friend Catie to come and enjoy dinner together of pizza and just watch television. Catie is a very special person because she is who she is – a mentally handicapped young lady. I never use the word retard because it sounds like such a horrible word really. I think I lost my train of thought for a second, LOL

Good night everybody! Have a good night!

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  1. Your friendship with Catie is so refreshing to read about. So often, people who are mentally handicapped are ignored. But they can be a great blessing. They have gifts, too, to offer those who take the time to listen.

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