A Few Minutes

I do not have a whole lot of time right now to write a whole lot because I have to leave for class in seven minutes, but I thought I would take a few minutes now just to ramble. Not a whole lot has happened today that has been out of the ordinary but my sleep was a little disturbed last night because I had too much caffiene in my system from drinking a couple of glasses of Pepsi. I do not know why I drink pop with caffiene in it before 7 p.m. if it gets me wired and restless for sleeping! LOL I had a friend over yesterday evening to share a meal of pizza with me and I drank pop with caffiene in it, and I should have stopped at one glass or had none at all! It is time for me to go for now and get to class. I have to make a stop to get some water on the way before class begins. The other day I was a minute late for class because I took the long route to class and was not thinking of time really. Bye for now and more later.

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