It Is Definitely Friday!

The wekend has finally arrived and it is now 7 p.m. and time for me to shut off my television to do other things that ae most exciting and fun on the internet and reading. I always look forward to Fridays and Saturdays because I do not even open up a textbook to study until after sundown on Saturday night. As for now being sundown for Friday night, I am here just enjoying the peace and quiet of my eveniing with no phone calls at the moment. Thankfully it is peaceful for the time being because I have a slight headache that I did treat with asprin free headache killer. I hate those nagging headaches that just lay around for so long. I know now it is going to a “not early to bed night”! Headaches ALWAYS get me a little annoyed. Thank goodness for peace and quiet at the moment. Why do I keep saying those words “peace and quiet”? I HOPE I am NOT coming down with something, I just found out today from my adoptive Mom that our friend G has pneumonia! And G is diabetic and he has enough problems! It never stops for him…NEVER!

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