I Just Love This New Look at DD

I am still raving, inside my head, on how beautiful my DD pages look here. Velvetdazzle did a GREAT job and now I have a place for ALL my thoughts now instead of having a specific journal for specific things. I love the colors, the border, the special accents that come right along with this new look. I am never going to grow tired of this look whatsoever. It is too beautiful and comforting all at the same time. I even have an idea for an addition to my journal here. Why not talk about my cat Emilee who is right now being a catwho is playing with her tail, LOL. I just LOVE the new look Velvetdazzle has surprised me with yesterday morning. She did a GREAT job even though I have already said this a sentence or two back. The colors are soft and beautiful and the angel border is just perfect for other thoughts in a spiritual sense. Someties I wonder how I would do without a particular someone, but usually that is never a real wonder. I have spoken to Velvetdazzle many times and she is a pleasant person to talk to. She was bored the other evening (Friday) that she willing took the time to do my journal here giving it a special look. She has some real neat ideas for things and I wish everyone would take the time to know other people outside their family and close friends because there are still some real decent people out there in the world yet. The world is not that bad now, is it?

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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