Dear Frieinds of DD

Dear Friends,

I would like to say thank you for those who put Chrstine Kane-Gagne family in their prayers. It was most welcome and appreciated by the entire family. Prayers will always be welcome for the Kane-Gagne family forever. I talked to Christine’s husband Ken earlier today and we talked about Christine. She died peacefully, which put my heart in a better frame of mine. She has been very ill for a long time and the last two weeks of her life, she had been real sick with cancer. She did not take many phone calls then but she did have time with her kids, Mark and Ruth. Christine did not suffer. She faught to the end. she was a fighter and she never gave up. When it was her time to go, she did let go but she did not give up without a fight. She will be missed greatly by all her friends and myself. I will be talking about her a lot for a while so please bear with me for as long as it takes. A lot of fond memories have been made between me and Christine in the past twenty-five years. I will be attending a grieving group at our nearby hospice as soon as I can so the grieving will begin with help by sharing with others who Christine is like. Here is a good place to tell about her with others.

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4 thoughts on “Dear Frieinds of DD”

  1. *~Kristie~*

    Yes, now she is in no pain, and now she can watch over everyone she loves. Its good to tlk about it and I’m so glad that things are going smoothly about her death to you, sometimes people can be so irrational, but its jsut the grieving and the unepectancy of it all or even expectancy of it all.

    Glad that you had your own private memorial for her and that you will be writing abou her, I look forward to reading about her.

    Happy Birthday to your niece and Happy Annivarsary to your friends!


  2. *~Kristie~*

    *smiles* thank you for making me feel special. I feel so appreciate and I feel the warmth of your love that radiates off of you. Hahahaha my parents dont kno about this diary, and I dont plan on telling them, hahahaha. There would be no way you could get in trouble with mine,lol.

    Anyway, your advice is welcome at anytime and do not be afraid to be blunt and outgoing about it either. Your comments are appreciated like I said and you are always welcome in every way shape and form in my heart.


  3. You’re welcome. But don’t apologize for your grieving process. Everyone deals with it differently, and I think yours is one of the better ways. Happy memories always are.


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