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I woulld like to thank you for your comments on yesterday’s entry. It really means a lot to me at this given time. Christine was one special friend indeed, and the memorial service I had for her in private was truly here. Being that the memorial service was in another state, Michigan and I live in Wisconsin, getting to it on time would have been difficult because I was in sch0ool all day and Michigan is an hour ahead in time. By the time I got home it was 4 p.m. and the memorial service had started. Christine was a fine woman indeed. She was a fariend to many and to me. Our friendship lasted a quarter of a century, and the memories will last a lifetime. Losing her to cancer was expected after she had found out that it was in her bones and such. Chru=istine held on as long as she could without giving out a fight. I have to give her credit where it is due there even though she is gone today. I miss her very much. I am glad, as hard as it may seem, Christine fight to cancer has ended and she is no pain any longer. Christine was a beautiful woman and I will be writing about her a lot in the mext few entries when I have time. I am usually not a writer in my journal on a Saturday because but I thought that this note was an exception to the entry written yesterday.

I have this teddy bear named Anna Elizabethfrom American Eagle in our city’s mall, I hug in memory of Christine. When I got that teddy bear a few years ago, it held a significaant time spent together and today it holds the love that Christine has given me all these wonderful years. Christine meant a lot to me for many fine years.

Again, thank you for your comments and replies to my entry yesterday, October 4, 2002. They really mean a lot to me.

Love, Kristi

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