I Have Not Forgotten

The last time I had written in my journal was on Thursday. I have been busy but I have not forgotten. I just did not have anything to write about and if I did write anything it would not add up to much as far as words. I have been fine physically and mentally and emotionally even though I have my lovely period this weekend, TUCK! LOL. I am surviving just fine. I wanted to write in my journal Friday and Saturday but time just escaped me and I did not feel awake enough to write anything by the time I really wanted to. On Friday when I got home from school I visited with the manager of Teamster Manor (adoptive Mom) about a birthday celebration she wanted me to be a part of. Friday night was a fairly busy night for me, Nana, Nellie Mom, Cheryl and Jamie, and “G”. We had celebrated a birthday for an 84 year old man who is a tenant here in the building at this time even though he is in a nursing home recovering from a previous illness, The six of us, including “J” had a great time. As a matter of fact, “J” cried because he saw how we all cared to give him the very best and a memory to last the rest of his life. After the birthday celebration Nana and I came back and got ready for the night because I had plans to be to church in the morning with Nellie Mom and G for Bible study and worship services. Usually my Saturdays are fairly busy and I do not have a lot to write about that day of the week. Today is the first day back since Thursday sometime.

After church, Nellie Mom, G, and I came back to the apartment complex for the rest of the day. I did not plan on having lunch with anyone until Nellie Mom had invited me to have chili with her and “G” which I did. I did have lunch witih Nellie Mom and “G”. I did not leave Mom’s place until after 3 p.m., which made my Saturday morning and afternoon with her and G rememberable and enjoyable. After I got home from not being all morning since I left, I had a cat sleeping in her little house and being a good girl, and so I had time for myself but that did not last long, LOL

Today is just a Sunday morning before noon and I am home finding time for myself. I have my homework done up to the point where my teacher had discussed. I felt, all day long, that the homework I was doing was confusing but found out differently, LOL I had been doing a great job there! SMILE

More later…

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