Just Dropping a Line Quickly – Entry 1

I am not at school today. I have an appointment this morning to get my hair done. It needs a trim and a color job. Don’t worry, LOL, it is a natural blonde that I am having done to it. I have someone coming about 1 p.m. this afternoon to drop off some food I had ordered from Schwan’s some time back. They have a website you can order from at http://www.schwans.com>Schwan’s. I hope you can see the link. LOL Sometimes I have difficulties with adding links to pages or entries.

I ave an appointment this morning to get my hair done. YEAH! It needs to be redone with the color I had done weeks ago. In fact my hair should have been touched up a couple of weeks ago or so as color does not last very long. Anyway, it NEEDS to be done.

I have to say that this is a quick entry for sure. I will be back later. I really do not have any plans of going anywhere special after my appointment at the hairdresser’s anyway. I will write more later if I have the chance. I do have an idea for an entry anyway. Good bye for now.

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