My Thoughts on Halloween

Okay, call me crazy, and that is okay. I am very dkfferent as far as Halloween goes. I do not care for Halloween. When I was a little girl enjoying the times of getting dressed up in costumes and going door to door saying “trick or treat” and getting candy and all those other things people give out at the time of the year. Now, years later, seeing what Halloween has done to some people, I have also noticed what people do in order to get attention by either poisoning the candy or putting razors in apples and such. Halloween became, as the years grew, not fun anymore/ Today, at age 32, I do not like what kids up as or into in order to go door to door. The world has changed so much since I grew up. Please do not give me such a poor excuse as times change because that will not work for me…NO WAY people. It was about a year ago I had found what Halloween really meant and what it really is, and that is what I find very sad today. I am so glad that I live in an apartment complex where no one, like children, come door to door for candy. I have not given candy out to kids coming to my door since I moved out of my parents home back in 1989 really. I found it a waste of time and a waste of money. I do not fuss over Halloween anymore even though I have friends who do, but only if they knew the just of what Halloween is about and such. A lot of people – not all I know – will change their mind about even celebrating Halloween and decorating their places and yards of such horrible things such as ghosts, jack-o-laterns, black cats, witches on brooms, and orange and black lights. Halloweeen is based on evil and what it is really is Hallow’s Eve. I have a dear friend who calls Halloween Hell Day and boy is she right about that! A lot of people do not see the evil that is such a celebrated holiday. Halloween is no longer an enjoyment in these eyes of mine. Not anymore. Also, I do not believe in all the superstitions that people have drummed up oever the years since earth has been created. My feelings of Halloween has definitekly changed in the past five years really. Some people have the cruelest thougohts on Halloween and those people will do anything to hurt someone else. Halloween is not a fun celebration whatsoever.. The parties, the ‘trick and treating”, and all the candy! Halloween is not at all like Christmas. Halloween is a pagan holiday…like the other holidays celebrated today. I have nothing against the other holidays, believe me…just Halloween is my biggest question of the entire year.

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