That “Gut” Feeling!!

Do you ever have that feeling that something is not going to happen the way you plan or do you have that feeling that something is not going to happen at all? I hate that feeling when it comes so often in my life. It is a part of my life as a person with Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I know people who suffer from Generalized Anxiety Disorder or any mental issue in life deal with such a feeling, and I also know that people without mental issues in life deal with those feelings as well and that is sometimes considered the sixth sense. I think I am anticipating on the eye appointment a little too much. For the past year I have dealt with the incredible new sight I have not had for twelve years prior to the surgery. A year ago on April 30, 2001 I had a cataract removed (right eye) and my sight has been magnificent since. The joys of being able to see well again – even though it is one eye – (cataract still on left eye) I am still in awe of color, brightness, contrast, etc… of many things. The thought of my right eye changing for the worst would be a desvastating blow. I HOPE that my sight has not changed for the worst when I see the eye doctor tomorrow. I do not think it has but anything can happen that is not expected too. That feeling is playing horrible tricks on me when I know in my heart that NOTHUING is wrong here. I am anticipating my doctor’s appointment too much that I have developed that “butterflies in my stomach” feeling AGAIN!

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