The “Toenail” on my Right Little Toe

Why am I even mentioning this?? 🙂

At this time, until a new toenail grows back, I do not have a toenail on my little right toe. It had come completely off last night while I was trying to clip it down. IT HURT when it came off, TOO! I was practically screaming my head off but it was only my conscience screaming inside my little head. It even bled to the point that it scared me pretty bad. LOL OUCH!! Anyway, I have no toenail on my little right toe right now and it is going to take some time for it to grow back but right now it is covered up and medicated. Because if my chances of getting infection, I had an Urgent Care doctor look at my toe late afternoon to check for infection or signs of problems but there is no infection at this time because this ol’ me, with experience growing inside all the time, I took care of my “owie” correctly last night and this morning and afternoon. So…if there was any signs of infection earlier, there is definitely no sign of it now. SMILE…

My Day Today Minusing the Toenail Story

Other than my little trip to the Urgent Care facility earlier this afternoon, my day was more or less filled with sleep and worry about my toe. Okay, i mentioned the toe! The phone dod not ring except for twice this morning when I had awakkened from my night’s nap but both those calls were fairly important. I would have gone to church tihs morning but I did not feel all that great. I have my period now and its flow has been somewhat heavy at this time. Sorry abouot grossing out any men! LOL I was also worried about my toe until the doctor looked at it even though the doctor was a totall stranger to me but a nice woman doctor. In fact, I was kind of embarrased about worryiing so much but I was not ging to take any chances of infection if any was there or soon coming. I HATE infections!!

Time to Go

It is getting late here. It will be 10 p.m. Saturday night in a half an hour. I think I have said what I wanted to stay and I wish I could say more but I have run out of words and if I do write anything more, I am just talking to talk. I have watched Touched By An Angel”, The District”, and now I am watching “The Agency” A lot of gun fire and a death has occurred. EEEK!! What a show this is! Well, gotta run for now…bye.

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