My Day Today 1

Words Are LOST!

Here we go again…words are there but they are lost in a world of of garble garble. I really hate that when it happens a second time in a week! I am not knowing why this is happening like this but I can tell you that I have been filling up with things to share and write in my journal here. I do not have writer’s block because I am able to write something but I am having difficulty with the words going across the screen today and yesterday.

My Morning

Even though the words are not coming out as I hoped they would, I do have to admit that my morning here at home was busy. I cleaned my apartment, with help, for about an hour, and then before noon, all cleaning was done for the day. The dishes were cleaned, the garbage was taken out, the bathroom was cleaned up and mopped, the apartment was vacuumed, and things out of place were put in place. It is not always fun cleaning house.

Running An Errand to Wal-Mart

I have an hour left before I am busy again. It was shortly after my apartment was cleaned and my company had left, I was out the door heading to Wal-Mart t0o get a couple of things. I had to get a new watch band for my digital watch since one of the links broke away from the rest of the watch – still having the watch and its links still attached. Somehow,Sunday night, while sleeping, I snagged the now former watch band breaking it apart. I also got a new watch band for my solar watch that had a band but it was no longer wearable because it was missing something so the band was tight against your skin. Now I have two watch bands and two watches to I know I have two choices of watches to wear now. The new watch bands are both black and look perffect with the watchs themselves.

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