My Day Today 2

I Believe My Words Have Been Found!

I do have to admit that the loss for words was beginning to be frustrating for me but now I think that my words have been found. I was beginning to worry here because 9it has been two days in a row that I was unable to find the right words to write in my journals. I am glad that I am back on track again. I personally think that I need a couple of days off of writing in my journal and did not give myself time. I kept at it even thopugh the loss for words was there. I would not give up and could not give up that easily. Oh well, I have my words and gotten everything in proper order now. WHEW!

Dinner Out

I loike too go out to eat at least once a week at a nearby restuarant with my friend “Nana L” so tonight we went for a bite about 5 p.m.. Anyway, I wanted to get out of my apartment for a while and spend time with “Nana L”. We got back about 7:30 p.m. from dinner and we had a great time.

At the Restuarant

It was not long before “Nana” and I were leaving for home from dinner, my name was called out. I looked in the direction of the voice and saw it was four people eating dinner and it was a friend of the family’s – people both my dad and grandpa Clarence know. It was nice seeing them – especially their daughter who is a year younger than me.

More Tomorrow

Time for me to go. Good night.

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1 thought on “My Day Today 2”

  1. *~Kristie~*

    Loss of words, I always seem to have something to say, and the only times I dont have something to say is when I’m sleepig,lol.

    Anyway, glad that your day was good, my past 2 weeks has been a treachorous one. I’m about to break apart because of my dad.

    Well I gtg


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