November 26, 2002

My Day So Far

My day has been nothing but lazy and low key. It has been, by far the best, quiet here all day long. the only time it was not quiet was when Emilee meowwed her wants to be loving and wanting all of my attention for a length of time. She has been a good girl all day long. She has been a good girl for a long time now and I am very proud of her.

The Sun Has Finally Peeked Out!

We have snow covering the rooftops now, but only a dusting on the ground. It is cold outdoors but it is a wintery cold and not yet a bitter cold. I did not have to go to school today as I am not going back to school until December 2, 2002 which is after the Thanksgiving holiday anyway. The sun has finally peeped out from the grayness that I have experienced most of the morning but for some reason it is not a sunshine warmth that is true. It seems fake and only a pasted yellow and not a real brightness that happens in the warmer months of the year. Oh well…that’s okay anyway.

Maternal Instincts Movie

I have been watching the strangest movie this afternoon called Mathernal Extincts and I think it is really horrific and weird. A woman, portrayed by Delta Burke, is having revenge on thoose who did her wrong in regards to having emergency surgery so she could not have any children. Apparently, doctor played by Beth Broderick, the doctor found cancer in “delta Burke” ovaries. Delta Burke is now seeking revenge on her husaband, doctor, and friend, and anyone involved with the three people. SPOOKY!!!! It iis actually horrible. EEEK!

Just Lazy

It is a perfect day for laziness! More later.

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